Congratulations New & Expecting Parents!

Welcome! Thank you for making the decision to have your child baptized here at St. Mary of Gostyn. Just as we prepare for a child’s birth in many ways, entry into the church community through baptism has its own joys and responsibilities. As you plan for your baby’s baptism, please review the information below to become familiar with the steps you will need to take to secure a baptismal date. These include securing Sponsor certificates and in many cases, participating in baptismal preparation.

Baptismal Preparation

St. Mary of Gostyn offers baptismal preparation sessions on a monthly basis. If this is your first child, or it has been more than five years since you attended a baptismal preparation session at St. Mary’s or another parish, you will need to participate in a session before you can receive a date for your baby’s baptism.

If you have participated in baptismal preparation within the last five years, you do not have to attend a session. However, please see the important information concerning godparent Sponsor certificates below.

Parents are expected to be registered parishioners. Under certain circumstances, registered parishioners of other parishes would be welcome to have have their child baptized at St. Mary. Please call the parish office (630-969-1063) with your request.

Baptismal preparation sessions are led by lay volunteers and are typically offered on the first Thursday of each month, in the Parish Center. You will also have the option to take the class on-line for a nominal fee. Please call the Parish Center at (630) 969-1063 to secure a spot for an upcoming class.

Godparents & SponsorS

Godparents play an important role in the faith life of your child. While you are considering who will be Godparent(s) for your child, please be aware that at least one must be a baptized and confirmed Catholic who is active in his/her faith. A second adult, if not Catholic, must be baptized Christian and acts as a Christian witness to the baptism. Godparents/witnesses must be at least 16 years of age. Please call the Parish Center at (630) 969-1063 if you have any questions concerning sponsor certificates, and to secure your baptismal date.


As with all sacraments, baptism is a communal celebration that we typically offer on the second and fourth Sundays of the month at 1:30 PM. We normally schedule up to six children for baptism on a Sunday. Please check with the Rectory to make certain the date you want is available before making plans with your family. If you are interested in having your child baptized during a mass, please call the Parish Center (630) 969-1063 for more information and to schedule a date.

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