“The workshop clearly called out that all baptized people have been given the power, authority, and jurisdiction to stand in Jesus’ place and reach people who would not otherwise be reached.” – Called & Gifted Workshop Participant

Will you? Discover God’s Call for your life.

Called & Gifted Discernment Process

Discover God’s Call for your life. God is calling you to a unique purpose, a work of love only you can do. You received gifts in Baptism and Confirmation, and through which God intends to reach others. Through Called & Gifted, discover these gifts. Discern your charisms (spiritual gifts) and better understand how God is equipping you for your unique purpose. Come discover these Charisms in you!

An Enriching Experience For…

  • People wondering “how can I follow Jesus’ plan for my life, in this time, in this place”.
  • People in transition who may be changing jobs, adjusting to an ’empty nest’, or entering retirement.
  • Catholics who wish to explore what it means to live out their faith.

What You Will Learn…

  • The ancient teachings of the Church on how the charisms of the Holy Spirit work in your life and in the parish.
  • The five steps to discerning the charisms God has given you.

  • The signs and characteristics of the 24 of the most common charisms of the Holy Spirit.
  • How discerning and using our charisms can change our parish, communities and the world.

What’s Involved?


Step 1

Initial Called & Gifted Workshops

Takes place as 5 weekly gatherings, features video presentations, small group discussions and a Gifts Inventory.

Step 2

Individual Gifts Interview

One-on-one Interview with trained interviewer to explore your story of faith and the Charisms active in your life.

Step 3

Discernment Experimentation

In-depth continuation of the discernment process with small group support to “experiment” with one charism in your daily life. 3 small group meetings for guided experience of intentional discernment.


Called & Gifted Workshop through the Catherine of Siena Institute.

Three Steps:

  • 5 weekly gatherings

  • One-on-One Gifts Interview

  • Intentional Discernment. 3 small group meetings for guided experience of intentional discernment


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