Let the Journey Begin

St. Mary of Gostyn School is a private, Catholic school located in Downers Grove, Illinois offering 3 and 4Yr. Old Preschool, Full-Day 4 Yr. Old PreKindergarten and Kindergarten through 8th Grade. St. Mary of Gostyn School will equip your child with the foundational tools they need to succeed in high school, postsecondary education, career and beyond. Our team of dedicated and motivating teachers will nurture their curiosity and cultivate a lifelong love of learning.

Families in Our Community
Staff & Faculty Members
Students (Preschool – Grade 8)


Our School Mission

We, the St. Mary of Gostyn Catholic School Community, are rooted in faith, empowered by knowledge, and inspired to serve. The faculty, staff, and parents form a unique partnership in carrying out this mission of teaching the message of Jesus by celebrating meaningful liturgies, providing opportunities for service within the community, and passing on the beliefs and traditions of our faith.

A Place to Learn, Grow & Thrive

At SMG, your child will experience a Catholic culture that includes daily prayer, religion class and weekly Mass, as well as a challenging curriculum that gives them the opportunity to excel academically, develop confidence and a strong sense of self, build personal relationships, and serve others. Our students are both challenged and supported by passionate teachers and support staff each and every day so that when they graduate of St. Mary of Gostyn School they will:

  • Be well prepared for the academic challenges of high school

  • Form a Christian conscience and evaluate moral choices

  • Act with dignity, kindness, consideration and truthfulness

  • Understand the central role of God in human life
  • Accept the consequences of one’s words and actions without blaming others

  • Be sensitive to the beauty of the created universe and be more caring about life and the natural environment

  • Have the ability to set and achieve goals through commitment and hard work

  • Develop an awareness and empathy for the less fortunate

  • Develop an organized approach to learning tasks

  • Know how to communicate with God using various prayer methods

  • Recognize a responsibility to care for the body, mind and spirit

  • Develop a curiosity to explore new ideas and issues

  • Understand that service to others is a good use of God-given talent

  • Be knowledgeable about the responsible use and application of technology

What We Believe

Parents are the primary educators of their children.

Every child has God-given abilities, talents and needs.

Parents and School partner together to create an environment that meets each child’s specific needs.

A Catholic school should help each child develop a personal relationship with God by offering daily religious education instruction, weekly Mass, holy day liturgies, reception of the sacraments and other Catholic prayer and worship traditions.

Schools should provide a curriculum that gives each child a chance to excel academically, develop confidence and a strong sense of self, build personal relationships, and serve others.

Every Child Is Unique

At St. Mary of Gostyn School, we emphasize creativity, critical and analytical thinking and real-world application with a Catholic worldview.