Award Winning 3 & 4-Yr. Old Preschool

Our St. Mary of Gostyn Preschool Program offers a hands-on early childhood curriculum designed to foster the development of the child as a whole. Our comprehensive programs allow each child to develop cognitive, physical, spiritual and social skills in both small and large group activities. Children learn through a play-based curriculum and through developmentally appropriate activities in areas of religion mathematics, social studies, science, phonemic awareness, and creative arts, which encourages curiosity, cooperation and empathy.

3 Year Old Schedule

Tuesday & Thursday

Morning Session: 7:50am to 10:35am

Afternoon Session: 11:30am to 2:15pm

4 Year Old Schedule

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Morning Session: 7:50am to 10:35am

Afternoon Session: 11:30am to 2:15pm

Daily Curriculum

Table Time Morning Meeting

Handwashing & Bathroom Centers

Small Group Music & Movement Dismissal

Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Lauren Collins

Mrs. Collins loves teaching Preschool and is excited for the new students and experiences that each new year brings! She has been teaching for over ten years and absolutely loves her job! Prior to joining SMG, she has taught 4 year old Preschool and Kindergarten both in Wisconsin and in Illinois. Her college background is in Early Childhood Education and her favorite subjects to teach are Math and Science.

Mrs. Collins is thrilled to be your child’s teacher. The school year will be filled with fun, lots of learning, and new adventures!

Dedicated to the Success of Each & Every Child

Our faculty members nurture your child throughout their formative grade school years so that upon graduation from SMG they are well prepared for the academic challenges of high school.