School Staff Enrichment Fund

The School Staff Enrichment Fund (SSEF) is an initiative to help provide our teachers and staff members with additional recognition and appreciation for their loyalty to SMG. The SSEF serves as both a retention and recruitment tool for talented educators who may be considering working in Catholic education and selecting between other options. These funds will be used to issue additional compensation to our teachers and staff for their continuous dedication to our students and school. This year, our goal is to give all teachers and staff members additional compensation checks in the fall and spring.

Our Goal

To achieve this year’s goal we need to raise $75,000. This can be done by collecting as little as $275 per family.

The SSEF is an important step forward in retaining our talented and dedicated professional educators and recruiting new teachers to SMG in the future. 100% of all funds collected will be deposited into a restricted account.

1st Year Teacher
SMG vs. District 58

A first-year teacher at SMG will make 40% less than their counterpart teaching at District 58 in Downers Grove.

The Salary Scale

Many families do not know that salaries for teachers at St. Mary of Gostyn School are determined by the Diocese of Joliet Salary Scale. They are not determined by SMG.

This limits what SMG is able to pay our current teachers and what we are able to offer new teachers.

Every Child Is Unique

At St. Mary of Gostyn School, we emphasize creativity, critical and analytical thinking and real-world application with a Catholic worldview.