Dedicated to the Success of Every Child

At SMG, students are both challenged and supported by passionate teachers and support staff each and every day.

Full-Time Teachers
Team Members
Faculty w/ Advanced Degree
Enrichment Programs


Ms. Christine Kalal
Ms. Christine KalalPrincipal
Ms. Audrey Krueger
Ms. Audrey KruegerAssistant Principal
Mrs. Mary Toth
Mrs. Mary TothSchool Secretary
Ms. Melana Raehl
Ms. Melana RaehlAdministrative Assistant
Mrs. Michele Sparke
Mrs. Michele SparkeSchool Nurse
Mrs. Juli Majchrzak
Mrs. Juli MajchrzakMarketing Director


Mrs. Lauren Collins
Mrs. Lauren CollinsPreschool
Mrs. Christina Sondej
Mrs. Christina SondejPreKindergarten
Ms. Lucy Jamrozek
Ms. Lucy JamrozekKindergarten
Mrs. Sarah Malik
Mrs. Sarah MalikKindergarten
Mrs. Nicole Hill
Mrs. Nicole Hill1st Grade
Mrs. Colleen Laurich
Mrs. Colleen Laurich1st Grade
Mrs. Kim Rucinski
Mrs. Kim Rucinski2nd Grade
Mrs. Molly Shanahan
Mrs. Molly Shanahan2nd Grade
Ms. Ashley Buh
Ms. Ashley Buh3rd Grade
Mrs. Holly Mannella
Mrs. Holly Mannella3rd Grade
Mrs. Merry Coyle
Mrs. Merry Coyle4th Grade
Ms. Amanda Grata
Ms. Amanda Grata4th Grade
Mr. Ed Bruno
Mr. Ed Bruno5th Grade
Ms. Katlynn Davis
Ms. Katlynn Davis5th Grade
Ms. Sarah Burkhardt
Ms. Sarah Burkhardt6th Grade, Middle School Math
Mrs. Jen Kahlke
Mrs. Jen Kahlke6th Grade, Middle School RLA
Ms. Claire Creighton
Ms. Claire Creighton7th Grade, Middle School Science
Mrs. Doreen Sloyan
Mrs. Doreen Sloyan7th Grade, Middle School Math
Mrs. Maureen Drabik
Mrs. Maureen Drabik8th Grade, Middle School Social Studies
Mrs. Amy Ruddy
Mrs. Amy Ruddy8th Grade, Middle School RLA
Mrs. Amy Nienburg
Mrs. Amy NienburgSpanish, K–Fifth Grade
Mrs. Karem Cruz
Mrs. Karem CruzSpanish, Middle School
Mrs. Mary Calistro
Mrs. Mary CalistroReligion, Middle School
Ms. Carla Greaney
Ms. Carla GreaneyPreschool Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Tammy Perna
Mrs. Tammy PernaPreK Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Katie Bares
Mrs. Katie BaresKindergarten Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Kim Kelly
Mrs. Kim KellyKindergarten Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Jackie Harness
Mrs. Jackie Harness1st Grade Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Ashley Edwards
Mrs. Ashley Edwards2nd Grade Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Renee Williams
Mrs. Renee Williams3rd Grade Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Tricia Cornfield
Mrs. Tricia Cornfield4th/5th Grade Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Elise Quealy
Mrs. Elise QuealyMiddle School Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Kathy Reagin
Mrs. Kathy ReaginSTEAM
Mrs. Maureen Petruzzelli
Mrs. Maureen PetruzzelliSTEAM - Makerspace
Mrs. Laurie McAleenan
Mrs. Laurie McAleenanLibrarian
Mrs. Susan Rufo
Mrs. Susan RufoReading Resource
Mrs. Christine Eallonardo
Mrs. Christine EallonardoMath Resource
Mr. Rich Barker
Mr. Rich BarkerMusic
Mr. Larry White
Mr. Larry WhitePhysical Education

Support Staff

Mrs. Joanne Madonia
Mrs. Joanne MadoniaSchool Counselor
Dr. MaryLou Hatley
Dr. MaryLou HatleyInterventionist
Ms. Becky Craven
Ms. Becky CravenAfter School Care
Mr. Larry Lovitsch
Mr. Larry LovitschAfter School Care
Mr. Frank Panatera
Mr. Frank PanateraCo-Athletic Director
Mrs. Brittany Thiele
Mrs. Brittany ThieleHot Lunch Coordinator
Mr. Tom Harrington
Mr. Tom HarringtonMaintenance

Every Child Is Unique

At St. Mary of Gostyn School, we emphasize creativity, critical and analytical thinking and real-world application with a Catholic worldview.