Dear St. Mary of Gostyn Parishioners and Supporters,

It takes a lot to support a Parish like ours, with the many facilities and buildings that we operate. It is our desire to provide our Parishioners, School Families, and Religious Education Families with a safe, clean and up to date place to worship, learn, and participate in community events. Needless to say, that requires financial support from many people.

We ask you to prayerfully consider how you are able to donate.

  • A weekly envelope packet for your cash or check donations is available. Please call the Parish Office if you would like to receive these packets at (630) 969-1063. New Parishioners when they sign up will automatically be put on our envelope listing.
  • We offer an automated donation option for credit card or direct withdrawal from your bank account through our WE SHARE site. These donations can be done weekly, monthly, and in several other options offered on the site. Please take a look to see if this would be a more convenient way for you to donate.
  • Stock donations can be accepted through our Diocese. Please call the Business Office for details at (630) 737-9624.
  • Charitable Giving Fund donations as well as a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) are always accepted. Again, please call our Business Office for details at (630) 737-9624.
  • We do pass a basket at our weekend Masses and holiday Masses for those who choose to remain anonymous in their giving.

We thank you for your support. You are in our prayers of thanksgiving.

Father Shaun Cieslik

A History of Many Parts, But One Body

With over 2,700 families at St. Mary of Gostyn Parish, we continue towards a bright future enriching faith life, educating on Catholicism, serving those in need, and enjoying our close community.