The Harmony between Faith and Science.

How to be a faithful and impactful Christian in the modern world.

Over the centuries, the relationship between science and religion has ranged from conflict and hostility to harmony and collaboration, while various thinkers have argued that the two concepts are inherently at odds and entirely separate.

Can faith and science coexist? What does our Catholic faith say about the religion and science debate?

Using the new Word on Fire five-part film series, Wonder: The Harmony between Faith and Science, we will explore the intersection of faith and science to debunk misconceptions and better understand what the Catholic Church teaches, and why that’s important for us today. Each episode unpacks a different area of scientific knowledge in relation to the great tradition of the Catholic faith. The video episodes will be viewed together to guide the group discussion.

“Thus says the LORD: The heavens are my throne, the earth, my footstool…My hand made all these things when all of them came to be.” – (Isaiah 66: 1-2a)

At St. Mary’s we will be offering the Wonder: The Harmony between Faith and Science at two different times, both beginning April 13. Click on either option for more details and to register.

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