For a Lifetime of Spiritual Growth. St. Mary’s Cafe will shed new light on sacred Scripture, helping you more deeply understand Christ and His Church. By engaging the mind and feeding the soul, this time together will help you grow ever closer to Christ.

St. Mary’s Cafe

What do we mean when we say “God”?

Misconceptions about God abound, even among Christians, and these misconceptions can become obstacles in our relationship with God. Our next study, God: The Mystery of the Trinity in the Bible will unpack the Mystery to strengthen your faith in the one true God.

Starting in the Old Testament, we will explore what God says about Himself at various points in salvation history, and how He reveals to Israel that “the Lord is One” (Deuteronomy 6:4). Moving to the New Testament, we will see how this one God then reveals Himself as three. Along the way you’ll get answers to questions such as,

• How can God be transcendent and personal?
• If God is one, how can Jesus be God?
• What does it mean that “God is love” (1 John 4:8)?
• Why is the doctrine of the Trinity the central mystery of our faith when the word “Trinity” never appears in the Bible?

This time together will deepen your understanding of our faith. At St. Mary’s CAFE, you’ll meet other women of the parish and engage in lively, life-affirming discussions, to engage the heart, mind and soul.

Begins January 12th, 9:00 AM, with both in-person and virtual groups. Register below.

“Gracious is the LORD and righteous; yes, our God is merciful. Return, my soul, to your rest; the LORD has been very good to you.” (Psalm 116: 5,7)

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About St. Mary’s Cafe

Pope Francis, in his Encyclical Letter Light of Faith, instructs, “the Church never takes faith for granted, but knows this gift from God needs to be nourished and reinforced so it can continue to guide her pilgrim way.”

Join us! Don’t miss out. The programs at St. Mary’s Cafe are designed to “nourish” and “reinforce” our faith.

Catholic contemplation in a relaxed and welcoming environment with other women of the parish. St. Mary’s Café features a unique style of study which engages your mind, faith, experience, and imagination, leading you to read, reflect, and respond. If you’ve never been to a Bible Study before, or if you are an avid Bible student, St. Mary’s Café is right for you. Discover the powerful and personal truth of God’s Word and practical inspiration for your life.